Gigify Work

November 22, 2020

The women of GigifyWork provide coaching to individuals and organizations to support work-life balance – with well-being and flexibility being a focus to achieve this. Their vision is to “make work-life integration a reality by disrupting traditional employment and empowering people to create their own, personal balance of work”....

Timber Benefits

September 9, 2020

Timber Benefits want to help nurture HAPPY, HEALTHY employees by offering flexible, proactive healthcare and lifestyle benefits for the modern day workplace. Working with the client and Catapult Marketing, we wanted to stay away from the look of a “traditional” benefits company and make their brand feel warm, friendly...

CASS (Concrete Anchor Setting Systems)

September 9, 2020

Logo and visual identity work for the parent company, CASS (Concrete Anchor Setting Systems), and their primary product, Bolt Rail. Bolt Rail is an innovative jig system designed to quickly position and hold anchor bolts in precise alignment during the placement of concrete forms. The graphic is inspired by...

Spectrum Alberta

September 8, 2019

A professional metal polishing company that polish trucks, trailers, cars, etc. – all to a mirror-like finish. The graphic is inspired by both the letter “S” as well as the circular, repeating motion used in the act of metal polishing. The multiple lines also indicate the multiple services that...

Ridley’s Cycle

May 9, 2019

A new logo for a staple of the Calgary cycling scene. Ridley’s Cycle first opened in 1945, and then a second location opened in 2013. The client wanted a fresh new look to update their visual identity and to move them forward into the future. The graphic in the...

Human Natured

September 1, 2018

Human Natured organizes events to aid those that are on a journey – who believe that mind, body, and spirit are all connected, and that connection needs to be nurtured to discover a greater self. All their events take place with nature in mind – in the Canadian Rockies...

Smart Solutions Ag Products

July 20, 2018

A company that combines research, science and technology into effective micronutrient solutions for Canadian farmers based in the prairies. They work with chemical engineers to create high-grade products for farming communities in order to supply plants with nutrients for healthy, safe growth. The new logo is meant to address...

Vintage Townie

July 13, 2018

Pursuing her passion of finding and selling mid century furniture and home decor, this client wanted a visual identity that was true to the era that she was representing. Her vintage townie bicycle was the starting point for our inspiration for her brand – can you spot the nod...

Anvil Coffee House

February 12, 2018

A husband and wife owned coffee shop in Edmonton. They wanted to build on the husband’s metalsmith background in both name and style for the visual identity of their new business venture.

Catapult Marketing

January 23, 2018

Catapult is a full-service boutique Edmonton marketing firm. They develop customized strategies and help their clients build authentic relationships. After five years in business they were ready for a new visual identity to better represent their dynamic, targeted and creative work with their clients.