S.K.A. Urban Thermal Spa

S.K.A City Thermal Spa is Calgary’s only urban thermal spa – an urban variation on a nordic spa experience – which uses hot and cold hydrotherapy facilities.

I created the visual identity based on the Brand Story created in conjunction with @beksmarketing and our client partners. A spa experience is so much about the feeling it provides within the space, so a lot of time was spent developing this and narrowing in on what makes it unique – a modern, refined, urban sanctuary. Some of the details include thes stylistic considerations:

• Uses a modern, angular typeface with distinctive, customized letterforms

• The vertical lines between S.K.A make it clear that it’s an acronym

• The angled line in the “S” creates separated areas – and represents the two pools at the spa

• The angled lines in the wordmark typeface give a sense of forward movement and directional flow, like water